Preventive Maintenance
Your Benefit: You have a tool for early detection of structural damage through scheduled inspection and maintenance. This can reduce or even prevent operational failures and high costs.
Topics: Damage prevention in industrial plants, early detection of damage, scheduled maintenance and servicing.

Building Scanning
Your Benefit: You get accurate information about the condition and value of your building. Not only about the external appearance but also about the internal values of the building fabric.
Topics: Building scanning, building inspection, detection of lining damage, building damage analysis, execution control.
Energy Check
Your Benefit: You have precise knowledge about the energy efficiency of your building fabric. This allows you to take targeted measures to reduce energy losses.
Topics: Energy losses, thermal bridges, energy leaks. Heat radiation.
Your Benefit: You get thermographic examinations tailored to your needs, your problem. We carry out this investigation, analyze the data obtained and show you measures to be taken.
Topics: Infrared measurement, non-contact temperature measurement, thermographic service, infrared technology, thermal waves, pulse thermography, dynamic infrared data acquisition, construction thermography, localization of thermal phenomena in goods transport (road traffic), engineering in IR technical questions.
Search for Reinforcement
Your Benefit: You know exactly where the reinforcement, tension cables and lines run in the subsoil or concrete base. You can carry out your renovation work without damaging these inserted components.
Topics: Reinforcement search, tension cable search in bridge structures, detection of embedded reinforcement and lines.
Chemical Tests
Your Benefit: You will get knowledge about chemical changes in your building fabric and can take targeted measures to remediate them.
Topics: Detection of chlorides, detection of sulfates, detection of chemical changes on surfaces.

Industrial Facility Scanning
Your Benefit: You get information about the condition of your industrial plant and can thus plan construction, commissioning, maintenance and dismantling of these trades in a targeted and safe manner.
Topics: Condition survey in industrial tanks and chemical plants, inventory of the operating condition, inspection of industrial furnaces, heat engineering inventory, inspection of furnace linings in waste and hazardous waste incineration plants.
Surfaces and Coatings
Your Benefit: You will have an accurate picture of the structure of a coating and have knowledge of the defects and damages of coatings.
Topics: Quantification and qualification of multilayer coatings, characerization of surfaces, detection of adhesion defects and coating delamination, coating thickness measurement.

Material Testing
Your Benefit: You are in the picture about the material used in the structure and its external and internal condition. This will help you protect your engineered structures (e.g., river embankments) and the areas behind them from damage caused by natural events.
Topics: Non-destructive material testing, quality control of materials, detection of cavities inside materials. Examination of artificial structures.
Tunnel Scanner
Your Benefit: You get information about the condition of your tunnel, your chimney or your water pipe and thus prevent serious damage due to water ingress or collapse.
Topics: Tunnel scanner, chimney scanner, railroad and road tunnels, pedestrian underpasses, condition survey of sewers.
Leak Detection
Your Benefit: You willl be in the know about the threats to your building substructure from water intrusion, flat roof damage and leaking pipes.
Topics: Moisture measurement, leakage, flat roof welding, leak detection.


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